I’ve been posting a shark a day for sharkweek. The weekend sharks either turned out awfully (I drank too much wine on sunday) or I ran out of time. Got to do better next time!

Here’s what survived the cut. You can purchase these as Giclee prints right on my Etsy store. They look peachy as a group too!

Having fun thinking of the next set. it might even be #dinoweek.


JP_shark001-Print JP_shark002-print JP_shark003-print JP_shark004-print JP_shark005-print






My childhood was spent in the woods, and I’m so glad it worked out that way. It’s something I crave for my kids. The only thing that could have improved my local haunts? That would be a crashed WWII Bomber, of course.

(Visual development for a story that keeps annoying me)plane_final_web_72








Apollo Storyboard Teaser

A little moment from the apollo short:



My personal boards tend to be on the rough side, but I’ve fun using after effects to add little camera moments. That program looked like the dashboard of a small airliner when I opened it but I seemed to have learned just enough to blag my way through some camera moves… I really recommend Ryan Boyle’s 2d animation tutorials on vimeo if you’re looking to get started: