Free Photoshop Storyboarding brushes

Hey! I like playing around with brushes in photoshop, so I thought you might like to noodle around with these.

Here’s my brush set that I’ve perfected over years of drawing chickens, and there is no better brush set. At least for now. Some of the brushes I made, there’s a couple from the amazing sets of Chris Wahl (check him out) that I use for tone, and one from some guy in Dreamworks. Sorry, guy. I don’t know who you are, but thanks! And the lassos are there because I’m always using them to select chunks of art, or fill shapes with color. Here’s how they look:

I use tool presets for my boarding, because it’s simply so easy to have a palette always open with the tools set up exactly the way I like them, loaded with the color I need, and with the brush mode I need. They are all set up for for storyboard panel sizes, not some huge A3 piece, so if you want to work bigger, you’ll need to make em bigger.

Instructions: Download the set here: open photoshop; open the Tool Presets Palette. Click on the black arrow on the top right corner, and choose load or replace tool presets, navigate to your downloaded .tpl file and there you go.

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