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Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

Apollo Storyboard Teaser

A little moment from the apollo short:



My personal boards tend to be on the rough side, but I’ve fun using after effects to add little camera moments. That program looked like the dashboard of a small airliner when I opened it but I seemed to have learned just enough to blag my way through some camera moves… I really recommend Ryan Boyle’s 2d animation tutorials on vimeo if you’re looking to get started:

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Apollo work in progress: Backgrounds

Here’s a few more backgrounds for my animated/interactive book Apollo. Nothing better than plunging into some grimy, unruly color at the end of a day doing black and white storyboards. The project is set in the dirt poor deep south, so I’m aiming for a gritty and dirty look throughout.

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