Tel Aviv Animation Festival Opener

Finally, some Animation!

Well. Twelve seconds of animation. This a piece inspired from a comic/ animated property I’ve been working on at a snails pace, essentially about a pilot’s rivalry:

We decided to work with these boys when we were asked to make a short opener for the Animation festival here this summer. I love working in this style, graphic, 2d, but with hints of 3d for depth. We used flash for the characters, photoshop for the BG’s and After Effects for animation and compositing. Had hopes to use full 3d for the aircraft, but we’re going to have to save that for the TV series.

Here’s how someĀ  backgrounds and props looked before animation.


Design and Concept: JP

Animation and Compositing: Oren Mashkovski

Flash Character setup: Mysh

  • Michael

    Very nice. Great designs. It's so cool to see really good designs moving on a screen. So often we see great designs in concept that are pared down and over simplified for animating. You did a good job of keeping the design in the animation and that is cool.

  • jpvine

    Thanks Michael- The animation itself is pretty limited, so I guess that
    means we can be more stylized generally. Thanks for dropping by.

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  • breadwig

    Man, that looks so great and fun. Really nice designs and color and animation. I just love those characters. You had me fooled too, I thought those were full 3d planes.

  • Matt Jones


  • jpvine


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