Death from Above

I’ve been looking for reasons to practice my layout and comics skills, and this weeks Illustration Friday topic, ‘Focused’ is as good as any. It was a toss up between this idea and a rabbit staring at himself in the mirror. This seemed more dynamic, in the end. I’m pretty comfortable setting up a sequence in film formats, but -er- doing comics is hard!


Here’s a litte WIP for ya.


  • Sally Taylor

    hehehe, nice job, I like the kill pigs on the side of the “red barons” plane.

  • Dayle

    Smart tells the story beautifully.

  • Doron

    Coolness :-)

  • Owen

    Cool, really nice to see your initial preliminaries and thumbnails- and how they were developed. Thanks for sharing

  • flaviano

    cool colors!

  • JP

    Much appreciated!

  • justin rasch

    These are so freakin fun!!!

    and the WIP is awesome to see….thanks


  • JP

    Thanks for dropping by!

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